Why Carbon Footprint?

Consumption in Europe is responsible for roughly 4 billion out of 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted globally each year. 

Since industrialisation, we have been burning fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These trap heat in the atmosphere, heavily contributing to Climate Change.

A special report by the IPCC warns of significant harmful impacts of 1.5 degrees warming. To avoid this we must collectively reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050, in line with UK and EU targets.

our team

Sabrina Gill


Sabrina Gill is an ex Equity Derivatives Trader at Citigroup, where she managed the Energy portfolio. Here, she became active in ESG matters. Prior to Citi, she worked as a Quantitative Analyst at Commerzbank.

Sabrina obtained a Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics from the University of Warwick.

Ahmed Babikir


Ahmed Babikir is an ex Consultant at Chatham Financial, where he advised renewable energy projects on their risk management and derivatives strategies. Ahmed is also a founder of Warwick Africa Summit.

Ahmed also obtained a Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics from the University of Warwick. 


Open Banking is safe and secure technology, currently used by more than 3 million people in the UK and is secure. It allows users to login directly with their own bank, and give third party apps (like us) permission to access the data and provide valuable services. You can read in more detail here.

A carbon footprint is the amount of associated emissions created by an activity or good. It is measured in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) which takes into account the global warming potential of all the greenhouse gases generated.
Envaluate estimates the carbon emissions of each transaction that you make, using our database and models. First, we look at what you’re spending on (we have emissions factors for over 600 spending categories e.g. eating out). We then look at where you spend it (using company disclosures) and we are working on building methodology to help us figure out the carbon footprint of particular products you purchase. Finally, we adjust the score based on what we know about your lifestyle- e.g. applying a discount if you have a vegan diet.

We define Carbon Intensity as a metric to describe how good/bad certain transactions are. It is calculated by the amount of CO2e per £ spent and makes it easier to compare the impact of different activities.

Envaluate only uses customer data to provide carbon footprinting data with the aim of helping customers reduce their impact. We will never sell or share customer data with any third parties. We are registered with the ICO for Data Protection under reference ZA765652 and are looking to register as an AISP with the FCA, making us authorised to access data on a read-only basis (we are unable to make any payments).

We know that the majority of emissions come from large companies. However, individuals understanding their carbon footprint allows them to vote with their pounds, increase transparency and apply pressure across the shopping chain. Educating people on climate impact is a fundamental step, so that we can influence supply/demand and promote greener products/services. We use a variety of behavioural techniques to help people engage with and reduce their footprint long term.